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Sports Performance group

Community Sports Performance

Community Sports Performance provides group personal training for athletes seeking to improve their performance. The program helps to improve conditioning and functional movement so athletes can better handle the physical demands for their sport. Personalized training geared towards all levels of young athletes focuses on:

  • Improving mobility and agility
  • Building speed, strength, power and flexibility
  • Decreasing injury risk
  • Increasing confidence

Training Fees

All sessions are 60 minutes.

Group Training:
(up to 5 participants in a session)
Instruction with a trainer in a group setting

  • 3 Session Intro Package: $99
    First time participant introductory price
    Limit one per participant
  • Single session: $40
  • 3 session package: $114
    ($38 per session)
  • 6 session package: $210
    ($35 per session)
  • 12 session package: $384
    ($32 per session)

Private Training:
One-on-one instruction with a trainer who creates a personalized program plan specifically for you

  • Single session: $49
  • 5 session package: $230
    ($46 per session)
  • 10 session package: $440
    ($44 per session)
  • 30 session package: $1200
    ($40 per session)

Only credit cards are accepted at the Community Sports Performance location. Cash, credit card and checks (made payable to Fitness Pointe®) are accepted at the Fitness Pointe location.

sports performance soloGetting Started

Complete a short performance registration form available by:

  • Phone: Call Mike Gamaleri at 219-703-2450; or
  • Email: Email Mike Gamaleri at; or
  • In Person: Pick up a form at Fitness Pointe, 9950 Calumet Ave., Munster

Once the registration form has been completed and returned, we will contact you to schedule your athlete’s Performance Assessment. After the assessment is complete, your athlete can begin training with our professionals at Community Sports Performance.

sports performance group