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Complimentary Services

Complimentary Services INCLUDED with Membership

Following your Individual Orientation Session, your Exercise Specialist may recommend one or more of these additional services to best meet your needs. Use these services as often as you need, as they are FREE for the life of your membership.

Personalized Exercise Programs

  • Cardio Fit – a 45-minute service that assesses your cardiovascular fitness (using a bike, treadmill, or indoor walking track) and then provides you with a personal cardiovascular exercise program.
  • Free Weights 101 – a 45-minute service that provides you with a basic free weight training program. Adding dumbbells, barbells, and plate loaded equipment to your routine is a great way to redefine your muscles, reshape your body, and take your workout program to a new level. NOTE: This program is appropriate for the experienced exerciser ONLY.
  • Functional Fit – a 45-minute service that assesses your functional ability to bend, lift, reach, stabilize your body, and then provides you with a personal exercise program to improve your stability, mobility, balance and posture.
  • Muscle Fit – a 45-minute service that designs a strength training program using machines
    (Cybex/Life Fitness), bodyweight, and/or additional available props (i.e. Stability Ball, BOSU, etc.)


  • Biomarkers – a 15-minute service that will provide you with the following assessments:
    height, weight, Body Mass Index, blood pressure, circumference measurements, body composition (lean mass/fat mass), as well as hydration status.
  • Re-Evaluation/New Program Design – a 45-minute service that will measure your progress as well as provide you with a fresh, new, fitness program.

For more information on membership, please call a membership relations specialist from 9a.m. to 7p.m. (Monday - Friday), or from 9a.m. to 1p.m., Saturdays. Call 219-924-5348.

Members interested in scheduling a complimentary service can:

  1. Call Fitness Pointe at 219-924-5348 and ask for the Fitness Assessment Department.
  2. At your next visit to Fitness Pointe, stop at the Fitness Desk to schedule a complimentary service.